SERVICES – Workflow


Pre production samples are made to match the customer’s specifications.  The patterns are used for costings.

  • waven labels

  • thread

  • fusing

  • buttons


The quality of the garmenst is reflected by the quality of the accesories used. We can supply our costumers with all kind of accesories:

fabrica confectii buzau


Confex has around 1000 sqm allocated storaging. Our warehouses can hold around 100000 m of fabric and 50000 garments.
Both row materials and ready made garments are stored in very good conditions, without any risk to be affected by the humidity and other sources.


Confex has implemented a complete CAD solution for apparel industry, which provide a fast and accurate support for the entire preparation of a garment

Our system allows us to import patterns from Gerber, Lectra, Assyst, Investronica files.
We can also edit , grade or digitize any kind of patterns

Our cut plan application can automatically generate the most efficient plan in only few seconds. Then it performs full automatic nesting on simple, folded or tubular fabrics, with or without plaids, stripes or textures, with specific widths and contractions, according to each piece specifications and restrictions


The sewing lines operate on the principle of Section Work, whereby each seamstress performs just one aspect of the garments production requirements, thus any mistakes can easily be spotted by the line control. This results in very accurate work over a large production, thereby maintaining the high standards set by the sample room. Production time does not stop where a machine develops a fault. That machine is immediately replaced with one of the many spare machines that are on a permanent standby. There is a number of mechanics on site that systematically check and maintain all our machines.

Quality Control

Quality assurance is the center of our management and business practice.

It is reflected across our business and in all aspects of our relationship with costumers, from the stage of production the samples, to the cutting and production, right through to final delivery of finished garments.

We employ a large team of quality inspectors to ensure our customers’ expectations. Attention to quality is present throughout our production process. Our factories have their own quality inspection and in-line quality control.

Needle policy

We are watching for our garments to be safe. So we make sure no broken needle are left on the garments.

Every single broken needle is tracked and registered and also a metal detection inspection is performed in the final inspection area before packing.


Confex offers a highly efficient delivery service.

We offer both domestic and international transportation.